More than an MBA in a Day

One day intensive management programme

Ever wanted to do an MBA but haven’t because they are too inaccessible, time consuming or costly?

Our easily accessible one day intensive programme is both cost and time sensitive whilst still delivers significant value that will enhance your career, improve performance and drive growth into your organization.

What is the Programme?

The More than an MBA in a Day programme is based on “The Web of Success” business and strategy toolkit, which is a comprehensive, robust, easily adoptable methodology that is designed to deliver significant value to you and your organisation.

Our highly impactful one day intensive programme will deliver benefit on the day, help accelerate your career, improve performance and drive growth in your organisation and covers core topics such as…

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Who is it relevant to?

Industry professionals, MSc or MBA students, postgraduates, organisations or anyone who has a desire to further their business and strategy knowledge to complement and enhance their current understanding whilst driving significant value into their current and future roles.

Whether you’re looking to accelerate your career, increase performance or drive growth in your organisation


“The Web of Success is fundamental to everyone interested in business. Its application breaks down much talked about business concepts, grouping them into webs that are crucial to modern day business.”

“Once introduced to the methodology, the Web of Success will be your silent partner you wish you always had.”

“The methodology has a lot to it, great content that was really relevant and presented very well”

"A well structured business framework, thought-out and highly transferable. Vast experience stands out and happy to support after completion of the programme. Highly recommended for corporate, small business or personal development" 

Who Will Be In Your Cohort?

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