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admin on Mon 26th Jun 2023

As my mind wanders back to an unforgettable Saturday night, at the acoustically perfect Symphony Hall in Birmingham, I see not only a captivating performance that transported me into a world of musical brilliance, where the London Concert Orchestra, flawlessly brought to life the masterpieces of John Williams and Hans Zimmer; but also, as the symphony enveloped the concert hall, how I couldn't help but draw parallels between the symphony orchestra and the intricate business ecosystem within the Web of Success.

In the Web of Success, we explore business from a different perspective, structuring organisations beyond functionality and products. One vital component is the business ecosystem—creating an interconnected community of tangible and intangible elements that interact as a harmonious system. Just like a symphony orchestra, a successful business ecosystem embraces the diversity of its components while recognising their role in creating a high-performing organisation.

Jørgen Vig Knudstorp, the Executive Chairman and former CEO of Lego, once beautifully described the business ecosystem as a forest, where big and small trees coexist, each with its own unique contributions. Similarly, a symphony orchestra showcases a variety of instruments, each playing a crucial part in creating an unforgettable performance and whilst the Triangle and the Timpani are not major in terms of physical presence in numbers or in involvement, without them the Orchestra could not achieve their goals of delivering a perfect piece.

In the Web of Success, the business ecosystem comprises a rich tapestry of interconnected components, each playing a vital role in creating a high-performing organisation. Let's explore how we bring that business ecosystem to life through the Web of Success.

Embracing Diversity:

In a thriving business ecosystem, diversity is key. Just like a symphony orchestra comprises musicians playing different instruments, a successful organisation benefits from understanding the diverse set of components that support our business, as well as through individuals with diverse backgrounds, skills, and perspectives. By encouraging us to think about putting in solid foundations that enable our people to create a high performing organisation and then layering on a blend of talents and ideas through our people, we can create a rich environment where innovation and creativity flourish in our businesses.

Conductor as Leader: 

A conductor holds the power to transform a group of talented musicians into a harmonious ensemble. Similarly, in the Web of Success, we take a close look at what leadership is and not only how leaders play a vital role in guiding organisations but how we can adopt these attributes into our eco-system to give our people the support they need to do a great job. One of our key focal points is ‘it’s all about your people”, and by providing clear direction, fostering an environment based on trust, and nurturing talent by supporting and empowering, leaders facilitate and orchestrate the perfect harmony within their business ecosystem.

Precision and Synchronisation:

Symphony orchestras excel in delivering flawless performances through precise timing and synchronisation. Likewise, a well-designed business ecosystem requires efficient processes, seamless integration, and effective communication to maximise productivity and deliver exceptional results.

Equally in the Web of Success we look at processes from a number of different perspectives and how these integrate into our organisations and then layer on the more intangible elements such as communication, high performance

As an example for this we can look at the remarkable precision of Amazon's fulfilment centres, where advanced technologies and synchronised workflows ensure swift and accurate order processing, serving customers efficiently and effectively worldwide.

Let’s get specific:

If we move on to a couple of more specific elements that we cover within the business ecosystem, rather than the more generic view of the few points above, we can really see how the symphony orchestra provides a great example to reference for business and how the Web of Success can help provide the context to this by being a referenceable toolkit that can support us in our everyday lives.

Vision & Mission:

Just as a symphony orchestra has a unified vision to deliver a perfect, breath-taking performance, the Web of Success highlights the importance of having a vision and mission. This guiding light inspires and aligns individuals toward shared goals, creating a harmonious ecosystem.

Many great examples I could use here but the vision of SpaceX, led by Elon Musk, is to revolutionise space technology and enable the colonisation of Mars. Whether you agree with it or not, their unwavering mission guides the organisation's efforts, uniting teams to achieve extraordinary things.

Values & Behaviours:

In both the symphony orchestra and the Web of Success, values and behaviours shape the culture and create a sense of identity. Shared values guide decision-making, foster collaboration, and promote a conducive environment for growth and excellence.

Let us look at Pixar Animation Studios, known for its dedication to storytelling and innovation, instils a culture of trust, creativity, and continuous learning. These values permeate throughout the organisation, driving their exceptional animated films.

Value Proposition:

Just as a symphony orchestra aims to captivate and move audiences with their performance, businesses within the Web of Success must establish a compelling value proposition. Understanding customers' needs and delivering unique solutions distinguish an organisation within a competitive ecosystem. Understanding how we deliver value is a critical but yet often overlooked element of understanding for organisations.

While these examples highlight a few key areas of the business ecosystem, other elements such as functions, people, processes, technology, optimisation and performance, toolkits and methodologies, as well as change and transformation, play integral roles within the Web of Success and are reflected in the symphony orchestra too.

Defined Roles & Responsibilities:

Similar to the quote from Jørgen Vig Knudstorp and the essence of an ecosystem, a symphony orchestra thrives on the harmonious collaboration of musicians who all have clearly defined roles and responsibilities.

Defined roles and responsibilities serve as a cornerstone across various aspects of the Web of Success, including change and transformation, high-performing organisations, and elite learnings. This fundamental aspect can be a real differentiator through proprietary advantage. This ensures that everyone understands their role and recognises its significance in contributing to the overall success of the orchestra or organisation. 


By exploring the synergies between business ecosystems and symphony orchestras, we gain a fresh perspective on how to create high-performing organisations.

As I reflect on the enchanting experience of the London Concert Orchestra, I am reminded of the powerful parallels between the symphony orchestra and the Web of Success's perspective on business and the business ecosystem.

Let us draw inspiration from the symphony orchestra's flawless execution, aligning our values, refining our value proposition, and embracing an operating model that empowers us to deliver excellence.

By cultivating our business ecosystems like a well-managed forest, where every component plays a vital role, we can create organisations that are highly performant, innovative and truly different.

Cultivate your business ecosystems like a forest, where every component plays a vital role, creating an organisation that is highly performant, innovative and truly different — a symphony of success. 🌳🎵

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